The Laurea Magistrale in Atmospheric Science and Technology for Meteorology & Climate (LMAST4MC) is held entirely in English and provides students with advanced concepts, professional training and specific physics and engineering skills, enabling them to address complex issues requiring analysis, development, simulation and application in a wide range of atmospheric science topics.

The LMAST4MC Didactic Area Council (DAC or Consiglio di Area Didattica, CAD) is composed by all the academics, listed below, responsible for teaching a subject within the LMAST4MC course.

The following LMAST4MC Committees are established (a.y. 2020-21):
Steering Committee (Giunta)
Prof. Ferretti, Prof. Redaelli, Prof. Cioffi
– Didactic Committee (Commissione Didattica)
Prof. Espa, Prof. Ferretti, Dr. Lacorata, Prof. Monti
– Quality Reexaming Committee (Commissione Riesame Qualità)
Prof. F.S. Curci, Prof. Ferretti, P. Serafini


Academics of LMAST4MC MSc program and Didactic Area Council (DAC or CAD) are well known researchers and scientists in their own field as well as experienced teachers coming from different Italian institutes:

Name Surname RoleUniversity or InstituteLMAST4MC subjectContacts
Alessandro GALLIPODIET Sapienza di RomaEngineering electromagneticsalessandro.galli@uniroma1.it
Anna Maria SIANIPADF Sapienza di RomaFoundations of meteorology – Part 1annamaria.siani@uniroma1.it
Annalisa DI BERNARDINORTDF Sapienza di RomaLaboratory of atmospheric physicsannalisa.dibernardino@uniroma1.it
Antonio d’ALESSANDROPADIET Sapienza di RomaOptoelectronic sensorsantonio.dalessandro@uniroma1.it
Antonio RICCHIRTDSFC Università dell’AquilaPhysical ocenaographyantonio.ricchi@univaq.it
Barbara TOMASSETTITLDSFC Università dell’AquilaHydromeoteorological physics barbara.tomassetti@univaq.it
Debora PASTINAPADIET Sapienza di RomaRadar image processingdebora.pastina@uniroma1.it
Domenico CIMINIPRIMAA CNRAtmospheric soundingdomenico.cimini@imaa.cnr.it
Fabio RUSSOPADICEA Sapienza di RomaHydrological modelingfabio.russo@uniroma1.it
Fabrizio FREZZAPODIET Sapienza di RomaAdvanced electromagnetics and scatteringfabrizio.frezza@uniroma1.it
Francesco CIOFFIPADICEA Sapienza di RomaHydroclimatologyfrancesco.cioffi@uniroma1.it
Francesco NAPOLITANOPODICEA Sapienza di RomaHydrological modelingfrancesco.napolitano@uniroma1.it
Gabriele CURCIPADSFC Università dell’AquilaEnvironmental meteorology – Part 1gabriele.curci@univaq.it
Gianluca REDAELLIPADSFC Università dell’AquilaAtmospheric dynamics – Part 2gianluca.redaelli@univaq.it
Giovanni CANNATADICEA Sapienza di RomaFundamentals of fluid mechanicsgiovanni.cannata@uniroma1.it
Giovanni LEUZZI PADICEA Sapienza di RomaAdvanced fluid mechanicsgiovanni.leuzzi@uniroma1.it
Giovanni PITARIPADSFC Università dell’AquilaEnvironmental meteorology – Part 2
Radiative transfer in atmosphere
Guglielmo LACORATARCISMAR CNRStatistical mechanics
Physics of non-linear systems
Marco IARLORITLDSFC Università dell’AquilaLidar remote sensingmarco.iarlori@univaq.it
Annalina LOMBARDIRT DSFC Università dell’Aquila Hydromeoteorological physics  annalina.lombardi@univaq.it
Maria MARSELLAPODICEA Sapienza di RomaSatellite geodesy and geomaticsmaria.marsella@uniroma1.it
Mario MONTOPOLIRCISAC CNRElectromagnetics and radar meteorologym.montopoli@isac.cnr.it
Marta CAVAGNAROPADIET Sapienza di RomaEngineering electromagneticsmarta.cavagnaro@uniroma1.it
Massimo VELLANTEPADSFC Università dell’AquilaSpace weathermassimo.vellante@univaq.it
Monica MORONITLDICEA Sapienza di RomaFundamentals of fluid mechanicsmonica.moroni@uniroma1.it
Nazzareno PIERDICCAPODIET Sapienza di RomaSatellite Earth observationnazzareno.pierdicca@uniroma1.it
Patrizia FRANCIAPADSFC Università dell’AquilaSpace weatherpatrizia.francia@univaq.it
Paolo MONTIPADICEA Sapienza di RomaUrban climatologypaolo.monti@uniroma1.it
Rita ASQUINIPADIET Sapienza di RomaOptoelectronic sensorsrita.asquini@uniroma1.it
Rossella FERRETTIPADSFC Università dell’AquilaFoundations of meteorology – Part 1
Atmospheric dynamics – Part 1
Simone PAGANELLIPADSFC Università dell’AquilaStatistical mechanicssimone.paganelli@univaq.it
Stefania ESPAPADICEA Sapienza di RomaAdvanced fluid mechanicsstefania.espa@uniroma1.it
Vincenzo RIZIPODSFC Università dell’AquilaLidar remote sensing
Radiative transfer in atmosphere
PO: Professore Ordinario (Full professor); PA: Professore Associato (Associate professor); PR: Primo Ricercatore CNR (CNR prime researcher); RU: Ricercatore Universitario (University researcher); RC: Ricercatore CNR (CNR researcher); RT: Ricercatore universitario a Tempo determinato (University research assistant); TL: Tecnico Laureato universitario (University graduate technician).


Student elected representatives for the accademic years 2019-21 are:

Student nameMScRoleContacts
Evan D. WellmeyerLMASTStudent representativeevandavid.wellmeyer@student.univaq.it