Candidates, wishing to apply to LMAST4MC, are required to have a Bachelor degree and curriculum background with the following requirements:

  • Italian candidates should exhibit a Laurea in Physics (L-30) or a Laurea with at least 24 credits in MAT and 24 credits in FIS as well as (preferably) 6 credits in INF and 6 credits in CHIM.
  • Foreign candidates from EU and non-EU countries should hold a BSc in Physics or a degree in a technical-scientific subject with a list of exams showing a strong background in mathematics (calculus, algebra, analysis, numerics) and physics (classical and modern) as well as in chemistry and computer programming.
  • All students must have a good knowledge of the English language preferably certified at level B2 (within Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) proficiency certification are welcome.

The submission of the following documents is strongly recommended and will constitute a positive element in the LMAST4MC evaluation:
• Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative-weighted Grade Point Average (CGPA) larger than 75% of its maximum.
• GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) General test, or Subject Tests in Math/Physics larger than 75% of its maximum.
• Admission test grades either general or specific for physics and engineering, as for instance GATP (Graduate Aptitude Test in Physics) or GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) larger than 75% of its maximum.

The LMAST4MC Admission Committee may request an interview with the prospective students via Skype or other services. The number of students per year of LMAST MSc program is not limited.


  • Student with a foreign degree:
  1. application for pre-selection and scholarship, deadline end of February at:
  2. application for pre-selection only (no scholarship) after February and preferably before 30 June: or at
  3. moreover, for non-EU citizens that missed application at point 1, MUST apply to Universitaly web site
    (, for VISA application.

  • The Admission Committee evaluate the pre-selection application form and send, within the deadlines, an official letter of preacceptance, an official message of acceptance or refusal.
  • All accepted students will proceed to the final enrolment via procedures and tuition fees at University of L’Aquila

If you have already obtained a degree you may enrol in a new university degree programme and request a study plan curtailment (if applicable). The following steps arre foreseen:
1. The approval of the previous career and possibile study plan curtailment must be sent to the LMAST chair and be approved by the LMAST council.
2. Enrolment applications must be received by 31st October, if this deadline is not met applications will be accepted until 20th December, but you will have to pay a €52.00 late-enrolment fee.
For information and istructions, see this Univaq web page.


Italian students can enroll or renew their enrollment by paying an amount equal to € 156,00 (regional tax + virtual stamp duty). Furthermore, students must pay an annual fee, named Contributo Onnicomprensivo Annuale (COA), the amount of which varies depending on: 
– the financial situation and income bracket of the student’s household (the “ISEE Università” form economic equivalency indicator can be provided by any Tax Assistance Centre, CAF or Italian Social Security Office, INPS);
– whether or not the student is eligible for any reductions.

Foreign students, not residing in Italy and without EU citizenship, are placed automatically in the lowest income bracket, corresponding to ISEE University ≤15000, given that the ISEE University estimate cannot be applied. This includes:
– students coming from countries included in the Italian Ministerial Decree which identifies developing countries for the current AY;
– students coming from countries with special conditions and/or benefits.
These students are, however, subject to payment of amount equal to € 156,00 (regional tax + virtual stamp duty) , and to the revision of the COA based on personal academic achievement.

Current yearly fees may go then from € 156,00 up to € 1350,00.
In summary, upon enrollment / enrollment, which will be possible from middle July to 31st October paying a total amount of € 156.00 (Tax Regional + Stamp Duty), the COA (Annual All-inclusive Contribution) fee foresees the following installments to be made in terms below:
• for amounts of the COA less than or equal to € 300.00, payment must be made in a single solution by 1st March;
• for COA amounts exceeding € 300.00, payment is made in two installments, the first half of the amount due by 1 March and the second half of the amount due by 31st May.
Note thay payments made late are subject to a late fee of € 52.00.

More information can be found on the Univaq website here.