LMAST4MC graduation degree is a MSc joint degree, issued by both University of L’Aquila and Sapienza University of Rome after:
– the completition of all exams;
– the accomplishment of the internship;
– the discussion of the Master thesis, evaluated by an LMAST faculty committee.


The stage or internship of 3 credits (75 hours) is foreseen before or during the master thesis.

Current opportunities:

CETEMPS, University of L’Aquila, IT  Weather and hydrological forecastAnytime in the academic year
CFA, Region Abruzzo, L’Aquila, IT Weather forecast and civil protectionAnytime in the academic year
ENAV, Rome, ITWeather forecast and civil aviationAnytime in the academic year
MeteoAM, Rome, ITWeather forecast and aviationAnytime in the academic year
Vaisala, Helsinki, FLMeteo-instruments and radar meteorologySummer school and internships

LMAST academic point-of-contact: prof.


A final Master thesis of 27 credits (675 hours of work), to be presented and discussed in a plenary session, concludes the LMAST program (the final grade is expressed in 110 with possible laude).

The LMAST4MC Master thesis score is up to 10 points (over 110 available) where: i) for requests of points ≥ 6 a reviewer is needed; ii) 2 points are attributed for academic time-efficiency; iii) to obtain cum laude, the overall points should be equal or larger than 113/110.

The MSc thesis subject should be agreed with one of the LMAST4MC academics and communicated to the LMAST4MC chair before its beginning.

Current oppurtinities:

CETEMPS, University of L’Aquila, ITMeteorology, Hydrology, ClimatologyAnytime in the academic year
CETEMPS, University of L’Aquila, IT Air quality, Atmospheric composition, LidarAnytime in the academic year
CRAS, Sapienza University of Rome, ITRemote sensing, Waves, Radar meteorologyAnytime in the academic year
IMAA, CNR, Potenza/L’Aquila, ITRemote sensing, RadiometryAnytime in the academic year
ISAC, CNR, Rome/L’Aquila, ITRemote sensing, Radar meteorologyAnytime in the academic year
ISMAR, CNR, Rome/L’Aquila, ITFluiddynamics, Oceanography Anytime in the academic year
MetOffice, Exeter, UKRemote sensing, Meteorlogy, Climate dynamics Anytime in the academic year
ICTP, Trieste, ITRegional climate modeling, hydrologyAnytime in the academic year

LMAST4MC academic point-of-contact: prof.


To set your final graduation exam, you are required to:
– be in line with tuition payments;
– have passed all required examinations for your degree course at least 15 days before the date of graduation;
– have earned all the credits indicated in your study plan.

The graduation sessions, where you can present your on-line on-line graduation application (see here for more information) within a prescribed deadline, are the following:

Graduation sessionDateLocationOn-line application period MSc thesis and exam book delivery deadline
Summer16 July, 2021L’Aquila1-15 May1 July, 2021
Autumn15 October, 2021L’Aquila
Room 1.6 Coppito-1
1-15 September30 September, 2021
Winter17 December, 2021L’Aquila1-15 January2 December, 2021
Spring18 March, 2022L’Aquila1-15 March3 March, 2022


After you LMAST graduation, you may wish to continue studying advanced atmospheric science and technology. In this respect, both University of L’Aquila and Sapienza University of Rome manage Ph.D. 3-year programs. In particular, the LMAST4MC faculty is involved in the following PhD programs worth mentioning:

LMAST4MC academic point-of-contact: prof.