LMAST4MC lectures will start on Monday 19 September 2022 in presence (and on line only for motivated reasons)

LMAST4MC lectures in the fall semester (September-December 2022) will be in presence starting on Monday 19 September, 2022 and on line ONLY for motivated reasons. Admission and enrollment rules are indicated in this page (see the Univaq official page).

First-semester lecture time table is available here together with video-lecture links using G-Meet or MS-Teams, managed by each teacher for each course. You can also find news directly from LMAST4MC academic faculty.  

The current LMAST4MC asset will be kept till new national governmental indications about university management will be made public. Do not hesitate to contact us.

All lectures will be suitably organized and supplementary material will be provided.  In order to access to Classroom and Moodle, you need to be officially enrolled at Univaq (see instructions at the international student web page) and then ask for Uniroma1 e-mail (see here). For the first-year LMAST4MC enrolled students shared folders will be also used to provide didactic material. Note that also oral and written-test exams will be in presence (and on-line if motivated) using the same platforms, but maintaining the same exam session schedule (see here). 

For connecting, various platforms will be employed such as:
MS Teams for video lectures;
Google Meet for video lectures;
Zoom for video-lectures;
as well as
Google Classroom for class material and activities;
Moodle for class material and activities.