The circulation over Europe is controlled by high pressure over the Mediterranean and low pressure over the British Isles. The promontory over the Mediterranean effectively prevents the arrival of cool air masses from the Atlantic and favors strong atmospheric stability and advection of warm, dry air from North Africa. The result is fully sunny days on the Peninsula, temperatures well above average for the period, and possible mugginess in less breezy and humid areas. This situation looks likely to last at least until the beginning of next week, however, with temperatures slightly decreasing from mid-week.
Monday, July 17. Sunny day over Abruzzo, with modest, breezy winds on the coast and in the mountain valleys. Temperatures will be similar to the previous day, with highs between 34 and 36° and lows between 18°C in the inland areas and 25°C on the coastal strip. Calm seas. Sky dulled by the presence of desert dust at high altitudes and near the ground.
Tuesday, July 18. A similar day to today is expected tomorrow, but with more pronounced breezes. Temperatures are still torrid, in line with the previous day.
Wednesday, July 19. The day after tomorrow looms with strong mugginess on the Adriatic side, due to the presence of libeccio or garbino winds. Maximum temperatures will be above 35°C everywhere, with highs of even 38°C. Minimum temperatures may be above 20°C everywhere, even in inland valleys, while on the coast they will be above 25°C.