High pressure over the Western Mediterranean will still guarantee stable weather over the Peninsula for today. However, a disturbance is on its way from the West, driven by a depressional vortex currently over England and rapidly moving eastward, which will bring precipitation without major thermal changes. The following days will again be characterized by more stable conditions, while the arrival of a “cold dropâ€, typically bringing pronounced bad weather, is looming for the weekend.

Monday, Dec. 4. Skies over Abruzzo this morning are mostly clear, with possible haze or fog in the valleys and along the coast. Temperatures will be slightly higher than yesterday and between 11 and 14°C. Weak and breezy breezes. Cloud cover will become more substantial in the evening, with increased wind, starting in the northwestern sectors.

Tuesday, Dec. 5. Tomorrow the day will be cloudy, with precipitation affecting the Apennine sectors during the first part of the day, the Adriatic side during the second part. General improvement expected in the evening. Temperatures will drop slightly, with highs between 9 and 13°C. Chance of moderate wind gusts as the disturbance passes.

Wednesday, Dec. 6. A mostly sunny day is looming for the day after tomorrow with slightly rising temperatures and breezy winds.